• Dependencies

    If A-Bypass cannot be installed due to a dependency error, add the following repository:

    • libMRYIPC - Dynastic Repo or BigBoss
    • libAPToast - Merona Repo (This Repo)

    Jailbreak Tool for A-Bypass

    I highly recommend using Taurine/Odyssey/OdysseyRa1n (libhooker) for A-Bypass.
    When using Cydia Substrate(Installed by Checkra1n) on iOS 14, some functions of A-Bypass are disabled because MSHookFunction does not work properly due to a bug.
    When using Unc0ver(Substitute), Apps that load many frameworks run slowly. (such as KakaoTalk)


    A-Bypass is a tool that helps block some apps from accessing unauthorized space or calling functions not authorized by Apple due to jailbreak.
    This is not a serious security issue for your device, but some apps block you from using the app, or at a disadvantage.
    With A-Bypass, you can block access to unauthorized functions and storage spaces to restore access to your app, and respond in advance to avoid any penalties.

    More Info

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    If you want donate with KakaoPay, you need to activate A-Bypass on KakaoTalk.

    Are you the developer of the app?
    It is not a great practice of implementing “security” by blocking access of app on jailbroken device.
    Blocking a Jailbroken device is just mitigating missing server-side validation issue to the client-side, which could be exploited (even without jailbreak!) by various exploit methods.
    If you promise that your app won't block jailbreak users' access to your app, we can disable A-Bypass from working on your app.
    If you are interested, please contact [email protected].

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  • DeveloperBaw Appie

  • Version1.5.8

  • Released12/20/2022

  • PriceFree

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