Edictusby aboutzeph & Soongyu Kwon
This package is available for rootful jailbreak like Taurine, Unc0ver.
Add Merona Repo to your package manager to install this package.

Edictus - Create your own Wallpapers! brought to you by @aboutzeph & @iospeterdev.


Edictus is an amazing app developed by @aboutzeph & @iospeterdev created to give you freedom on your device wallpapers.

Create and remove Dynamic and Live Wallpapers as fast as a snap of fingers.


  • Create Dynamic Wallpapers from your Photo Library.
  • Create Live Wallpapers with videos from your Photo Library.
  • Random Images: Create Wallpapers using images loaded from internet.
  • Image Pinning: Like one image but hate the other? Pin one image and change the other!
  • Don't like an online image? Mix it with images from your Library!
  • Set Wallpapers from Settings, as a stock Wallpaper, simple and fast.
  • Delete Wallpapers from in app Settings.
  • iPad Ready.

Source Code

Since we are clear and have nothing to hide, we have open sourced our codes! Visit [here] to check out our source codes.

Bug Report

Bug Report is available via Edictus app. (GitHub Issues)

IMPORTANT: If your report does not follow the issue template it will be ignored and then deleted. So please just follow the template.

For any question, email to aboutzeph@gmail.com.

Thanks to

  • ConorTheDev for making edictusroot possible.
  • SkittyBlock for WallpaperLoader.
  • Luis E. for making such a great icon.
  • StackOverflow to be Developers Bible.
  • Our fantastic jailbreak community

Version 1.0


  • Initial Release

Latest Version
aboutzeph & Soongyu Kwon